What is the payment status of my invoice?

 Find the status of your payments within the app please follow the instructions below.

Carrying a load for a shipper?

The payment is executed upon the release of funds from the carrier portal, we provide two dates for forecasting your carrier payment:

  • Due Date: This date reflects the due date of the invoice, aged according to your terms with the shipper. 
  • Payment Date: This date reflects the actual expected payment date, based on when the shipper for the invoice.

Find your payment status within the app

In order to check your payment status on the app, you must be connected to TriumphPay.

Step 1: Login to your profile at secure.triumphpay.com.

 Step 2: From the Dashboard, on the left slide, select the Invoices tab. 

Invoices and invoice statuses will display on the dashboard. 

If you are looking for a particular invoice, enter the invoice number in the search box below. It will display the invoice record if one exists in the system. For additional details, click View Details.

The payment status will display above the invoice. 

You must be connected to TriumphPay. 

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