The broker must be connected on TriumphPay in order for you to connect.


Log into your TriumphPay Carrier Profile

On your Dashboard, there will be a blue banner with the verbiage, “You have X new payor(s) who want to connect with you.” 

Select the arrow on this banner.

A list of all the brokers that would like to connect with you will appear. 

Select the broker you want to connect with and then click the forward arrow.

Follow the remaining steps to complete the connection with the desired broker.

⚠️Please note, you will need to follow the process above for each broker you would like to connect with.


The email and phone number listed within TriumphPay is the information which the broker has provided for your company with your carrier packet.  If the email or the phone number listed within the verification step is incorrect, please complete the Authorization Override Form.  

A member of our support team will contact you within 1 business day to complete the Authorization Override request.

For additional assistance, please contact TriumphPay support.