Factors can submit an NOA or LOR on the TriumphPay Portal or to the broker-specific email. 

Log into your TriumphPay Factor Portal.

Click on the Debtors tab on the left-hand navigation.

Click Upload NOA/LOR

 From the screen which loads, enter the required information

    Debtor Name

    Client MC/DOT number

    The type of document which you are uploading (NOA/LOR)

    Drag and drop or upload the NOA/LOR

    Click Submit

You can also submit an NOA/LOR via email to the broker-specific email shown under Debtors on your Factor Portal.

The turn around time for an NOA/LOR update request is two business days, or 16 hours.

Additional Information 

How does an NOA or LOR get processed?

How long does it take to process an NOA or LOR?

For additional assistance, please contact TriumphPay support.