Log into your TriumphPay Factor Portal.

Navigate to the “Invoices” tab on the left navigation menu

Search by Invoice or Reference number

The "Status" column contains the requested information.

Glossary of Status Terms:

Paid:  The load has been paid to the factoring company that has been assigned.

Approved:  The load has been approved for payment.   

                You can select the load, click into the invoice and view the scheduled pay date.

Held:  The load is being held and is not eligible for payment processing. 

Broker Hold:  The load can be held by the broker for various reasons.

                    For additional information, we would need to inquire with the broker for clarification. 

TriumphPay Hold:  If the load is held by TriumphPay, it is to ensure the load is paid to the correct party. 

                           Once released, the load will pay out to the factor which it is assigned to.

Pending: The load has not been processed by the Broker for payment, and we are awaiting an update.

For additional assistance, please submit a ticket to TriumphPay support.