We have updated our Factor Portal to make it quicker and easier for you to get what you need and move your business forward.

Dashboard:  Your launchpad for most common actions

  • Access your last five invoice submissions or view all submitted invoices using the View All button.
  • View invoice counts for each state to get a bird’s eye view of your invoices. Clicking on a count will a list of invoices in that state.
  • Start submitting invoices by clicking the Start now button

Voice Submission Step 1: Invoice batch creation

  • Create an invoice batch by entering information one invoice at a time
  • Invoices in the batch are displayed in the Incomplete invoices section (Renamed from Pending Invoices)

Invoice Submission Step 2: Specify Funding Splits and Submit Batch

  • On clicking submit, the batch will be submitted to the Factor and the user will be taken back to Step 1 to create a new batch

View Submitted Invoices

  • Find the list of submitted invoices from the Dashboard, using the View All button
  • Export the list as a .csv, or filter the results, by using the action icons displayed below. 

Filter Drawer

Can be accessed by clicking the filter icon in the invoice list. 

Here is the new, cleaner look for the filter drawer. 

Invoice Details

Can be viewed by clicking on an invoice record in the list.

We now have a more compact, easier to read view. 

Bulk Submission Portal

  • Note: Some factors may have some differences in the look of their bulk document upload 
  • The main difference between the regular and the bulk upload portal is in Step 1 of the Invoice Submission flow, there the user can only upload documents as shown below:

If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please contact TriumphPay support.