For each carrier across all their various broker relationships, TriumphPay has a single factor of record. To ensure only a single factor is being paid, we will hold any broker-carrier relationships whose factor conflicts with the TriumphPay factor of record for that carrier.

This does not impact broker-carrier relationships that do NOT have a factor. The requirement is that all factor assignments are in alignment, not that all broker-carrier relationships for the carrier are factored.

An example of this hold messaging is shown below:

How do I take care of these holds?

To remove these holds, we require documents to be sent into the NOA Queue. If the broker has an old/ incorrect factor, simply provide the LOR for the held factor along with the NOA for the new factor if the carrier is still factoring. If you believe the held factor is the correct factor, send the NOA for the held factor to the NOA Queue.

If the hold persists, reach out to the TriumphPay support team, or create a ticket so that they can investigate the hold on your behalf.

Should I care about all holds if I have a lot?

The important holds are any that have resulted in a held invoice. Many of these holds are likely from old carrier assignments that haven’t been updated since the relationship was initially loaded into TriumphPay from your TMS, or simply from carriers that haven’t hauled for you in a while. The priority should be placed on making sure any carriers with active invoices have up to date factor assignments and are not held.

How do these holds benefit me?

The factor assignment holds will help ensure that the correct party gets paid the first time. While at times cumbersome when a hold is placed on an invoice, the invoice hold prevents the need for stop payment requests or refund requests down the line if the wrong party gets paid. Over time, there will not only be a drop in misdirected payments, but cleaner more up to date factor assignments as well!