Within TriumphPay Audit, there are two ways to create and/or update an auto-signature; the first is on a per-user basis, the second is on a company-wide basis.

Per User:

To create an auto-signature on a per user basis, begin by clicking on Settings from the upper right-hand toolbar.

Select Users from the left-hand menu.


This menu is only accessible for users with administrative privileges. If you need your account privileges adjusted, please contact your account admin or TriumphPay Audit support.


Select Edit next to the name of the user whose auto-signature you would like to edit.  

Enter the auto-signature which you would like displayed for the user in question under "Email Signature" and select "Save"

Company Wide:

To request updating the auto-signature on a company-wide basis, or for additional assistance, please contact TriumphPay Audit support.