TriumphPay Audit's Email Search allows you to search through emails which may no longer be visible on your Dashboard, allowing you to find items which are no longer easily accessible.

To use this feature, begin by selecting "Email Search" from the upper right-hand toolbar.

Using the various filters, you can search for the item in question.

Filter Options

Search Text:  Enter any text which might be contained within the email you are looking for (ie: subjects, 


Carrier:  Locate emails based on a specific carrier (Note:  Not all emails will be automatically assigned to a 

              carrier or associated with the correct one)

Start / End Date:  Search within a specific date range

Include Sent Emails:  TriumphPay Audit defaults to searching only emails which have been received

                                   by selecting this box it will also include emails which users have sent from TriumphPay 


If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please contact TriumphPay Audit support.