TriumphPay Audit's Activity search allows you to view all recent activity, as well as searching through previous actions by utilizing a number of filters.

To use this feature, begin by selecting "Activity" from the upper right-hand toolbar.

From the page which loads you will see the most recent activity by default, however you can utilize any of the available filters to better narrow down your search criteria, then click "Update"

Filter Options

User:  Search an individual user's activity

Activity Type:   Search by event type (ie: Saved as Exception, Invoice Sent to the TMS, Invoice Ignored)

Start / End Date:  Search within a specific time frame 

Carrier:  Search by carrier

Customer (Broker Accounts only):  Search by the specific Customer associated with the Load

Debtor (Factor Accounts only): Search by the specific Debtor associated with the Load

To view any of the Loads shown within the search results, click on the hyperlinked "Load ####" returned.

If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please contact TriumphPay Audit support.