The payment is executed upon the release of funds from the carrier portal. We provide two dates for forecasting your carrier payment:

Approved date

Reflects the approved invoice date.

Scheduled pay date

Reflects the date the payment will be paid on behalf of the Broker/Shipper.  

*This is also dependent on the Broker/Shipper providing funds to TriumphPay to payout.  If there is any reason this does not occur as expected, TriumphPay will assist you with next steps. 

Details to consider:

If the payment is posted after 4:00 pm CST, it will be processed the next business day. Keep in mind that your bank may have additional processing time when posting payments.

QuickPay timing starts from the Broker processed and approved date.

If your load was just delivered within the past 48 hours, please check back later. It may take your Broker additional days to process and upload invoice information to the TriumphPay portal. 

Verifying Invoice Payment Status

To verify your payment status, you must be registered on TriumphPay and connected to your Broker or Shipper to view your approved invoices.

1. Log in to your Carrier Profile with your username and password. 

2. Select Invoices, located on the left side menu.

3. Enter the invoice number in the Search box. If the record number is valid in the system, it will display the invoice record. For best results, adjust the date filter.

The payment status will display above the invoice. For additional details, click View Details. 

If you encounter any difficulty viewing the payment status of your invoice or for additional assistance, please submit a ticket to TriumphPay support.